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Marine Aerial Photography & Videography

Being a sailor, boat owner and having a background in the marine industry with various boat handling qualifications, as well as the vital experience of operating UAV's from moving vessels off shore, I  understand how to capture sailing and power boats from the air in a way that will be both breathtaking to you and your clients.

Marine aerial photography and videography can be a challenging process, but using aerial (drone) based camera systems allows complete freedom. Whether it’s low angle shots from the waterline, or high aerial views showing the speed and location, our experienced pilots can get the images you need.

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Marine: Pro Gallery

360° Virtual Boat Tours

You have these really awesome boats. Chances are, the people who would be interesting in buying one from you, are not living down the street from you. How can you make it easy for people to check out and get into your boats, no matter where they are?

This is where 360° virtual boat tours come into the picture. It allows clients to check out your boats, no matter where they are in the world, just as long as they have access to an Internet connection.

A feature that boat manufacturers like is the ability to show different add-on options and upgrades. This means you don’t have to keep every model in every variation sitting around.

Other features can be added to the 360° virtual boat tours such as:

  • Branding – Your colors and logo.

  • Maps – Making it easy to navigate the tour.

  • Start Slide Show – Hit the top highlights and/or add a marketing message

  • Links – To external sites for reservations / more information.

  • Add Videos or other Information – In the Tour to tell other mini-stories or highlight information that is important.

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Marine: Pro Gallery

360° Aerial Virtual Tours of Marinas & Boatyards

Our 360° aerial photography and virtual tours are the perfect solution for marketing marinas. Uninterrupted views in all directions are ideal for showing the layout of the pontoons and the approaches. Interactive hotspots/markers pinned to the 360° views allow visitors to find more detailed information about marina facilities such as fuel, water, toilets, clubhouses and more.

These interactive tours can be integrated with your existing website and the individual 360° photos can be viewed in an interactive format on Facebook.

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