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The mission of Australian Drones & UAV's is to provide a professional, informative, and easy to use communication channel & contact point for drone and UAV professionals and enthusiasts. We want our clients to be able to find exactly what they are looking for, have access to high quality information, drones, hardware, accessories, pictures and videos, as well as build a close working relationship with our company for strong and lasting future business relationships.

Ensure all our clients are aware of the very dynamic Australian Remote Piloted Aircraft laws and Regulations to ensure safe and legal flying in all Australian States.

Keep a very close and open relationship with CASA to ensure clear and open communication channel regarding the future of RPA's in Australia.

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Australian Drones & UAV's believes that a new future of inspection methodologies, techniques and data can be developed to better manage our global and client infrastructure assets.  But these advantages can only be achieved by leading and being at the forefront of this new technology.

​Australian Drones & UAV's develops and provides UAV data acquisition systems and services which offer customers low cost solutions to improve their asset performance, decrease failures and improve worker safety by taking “humans” out of high risk areas.

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Produce advanced, versatile and high-quality Remotely Piloted Aircraft solutions that effectively overcome current limitations in real-world situations. Conduct targeted research and development to continually enhance current products, as well as extend our Remotely Piloted Aircraft technology capability.

Maintain a competitive edge within the international Remotely Piloted Aircraft market through innovative business/technology partnerships, world-wide solution distribution and competitive pricing.

Offer a range of targeted training packages that provide seamless solution integration for our customers; and
Provide exceptional customer service and technical support through all phases of customer-centric solution design and implementation.​

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Australian Drones & UAV'S has multiple drone types.  By utilizing multiple drone platforms, we can deliver specific Drone & UAV Solutions to a wide variety of industries, each designed to your individual needs.

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