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Oil & Gas

Australian Drones & UAV's provides operators with quality data, while avoiding safety risks and operational down time.

Oil & gas facilities require frequent inspection and maintenance to ensure safety and avoid failure.  Currently, the main methods of inspecting hard-to-reach areas involve shutting down operations, building scaffolding or setting rope lines, and sending an inspector into hazardous areas with a camera.  The logistics and danger of these processes, in addition to costly shutdown time required, significantly impacts the bottom line.

Australian Drones & UAV's provides high quality aerial data for all inspection and maintenance requirement, in a safer, more efficient manner, without causing operational down time.  This innovative, consistently available aerial perspective of operations, supports the following key aspects:

Emergency Response

  • Immediate aerial information of leaks and spills

  • Safety procedures and evacuation monitoring

Infrastructure Inspection

  • Routine system inspections to ensure consistent operational integrity

  • Access to hard-to-reach areas

Security and Surveillance

  • Aerial situational awareness

  • Intrusion monitoring

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Oil & Gas: Pro Gallery
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